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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my granite or quartz engineered stone stain?

For the most part, granite does not stain. While it is true that stone is a porous material, of all the stones, granite is the least porous. Engineered stone is made of natural granite. The stone is crushed into quarts bits and recomposed. It shares the same great, durable properties of granite. A sealer is also applied to the natural granite stone when it is installed to further protect it from this possibility. Water left on a granite countertop for a long period of time will show evidence of moisture. It will however evaporate and the "dark spot" will disappear. Oil left on a granite surface will slowly be absorbed into the stone. It is recommended that any spills be wiped up when they occur. If the spill is not caught in time and a stain does occur, a poultice may be applied to draw the oil back out of the stone. Over time the oil will naturally redistribute itself in the stone until it becomes virtually undetectable. Some granites are more susceptible to stain (lighter colors), but we do put a sealer on them to help prevent staining.

If my granite does stain how can I get it out?

Even if you don't do a thing yourself to try to get the stain out it will eventually dissipate thru the stone, but there are stain removers and products available that would be able to do so.

Will a hot pot hurt my granite or engineered stone tops?

No! You could set a hot pot off of your stove on to your tops without worry of the heat dulling the shine of your tops.

Does granite hold bacteria?

No! In fact, granite is second only to stainless steel in terms of bacterial resistance and natural cleanliness.

Do I have to pay extra for angles?

No! the only cut that you would have to pay extra for is a radius.

What should I use to clean my granite or engineered stone?

Any normal pH balanced soap (non-citrus, Palmolive, Ivory, Dawn) and water works just fine. Any cleaner that says stone of granite countertop cleaner is also acceptable.
DO NOT use glass cleaners, vinegar based products, non-pH balanced such as bleach, or anything with abrasives.

How often should I seal my granite countertops?

Our manufacturers' sealant carries a 25 year warranty. As long as the proper cleaners are used, resealing annually is not required.
Using a non-pH balanced cleaner will destroy your sealant and void your warranty.

Why doesn't my granite look exactly like the sample?

Our samples are generally indicative of the coloring and pattern (also known as veining) of each stone. As the granite is quarried, differences in the stone's shading and pattern will appear. While we try to remain aware of the current tendencies of each stone, sometimes even we are caught by surprise. Granite is a natural material and subject to such changes. You will be selecting your precise slabs at our distributors. These will become your countertops. You have the choice and control to get the exact look you prefer. As for engineered stone, because it is man made, it will match the sample very well.

Can you reconnect my electrical and plumbing connections?

Colorado Top Shoppe Inc. is a highly trained and licensed contractor for granite countertops, but we are not licensed electricians or plumbers. Therefore, we can not assume any liability for making electrical or plumbing connections. We can, however, recommend reputable and licensed individuals or companies to complete these tasks for you. They will coordinate with us to have your plumbing up and running in your fabulous new kitchen smoothly and quickly.

Will my counters have visible seams?

Most installations will require at least one or more joints called seams. During layout and design, Colorado Top Shoppe Inc. will always try to minimize the number of seams required. All of our seams are artistically color matched to follow patterning. Additionally, the factory-machined edges fit together very tightly to help lessen the appearance of visible seams.

How scratch-resistant is granite?

With normal daily use you will not mar the finish. Although we don't recommend it, you can even cut directly on granite without much worry of damaging the surface. Would you dare cut directly on Corian or laminated surfaces? Cutting on granite will be much more damaging to your knives than it is to the granite, so we recommend using a wood cutting block.

Will my granite countertop chip or crack?

Most flaws in stone are detected during transit of the slab. If it can withstand the fabrication process, it will never break under normal kitchen conditions. You would have to assault it with something like a hammer and even then, you'd have to work at it. However, granite is brittle and not flexible and will break under certain stresses. You should not drop heavy objects such a pot, large pan, vase or other heavy, hard objects onto the countertop. Although it may seem obvious, you shouldn't stand on granite countertops. Too much pressure in the wrong place can cause granite to break or crack.

Are there other finishes for granite besides the high polished surface?

There are several finishes that you can have with granite. There is a process called "honing" that gives the stone a smooth feel but a more matte finish. You can also oil a honed finish prior to sealing to bring out more intensity in the colors. There is another process called "leathering" that is similar to honing but adds texture to the surface as well.

What is the difference between an under mount sink and a drop-in sink?

A drop-in sink sits on top of the cutout. It has a rim around its edges sitting above the countertop. An under mount sink sits beneath the polished rim of the cutout, so the counter leads smoothly down a polished inner edge into the sink wall. The benefit to this option is that it provides an attractive, smooth surface from counter to sink and makes cleanup much easier. There is no untidy rim to trap food and debris. You also get the benefit of both more usable sink space, as well as more counter space. Typically, under mounted sinks are deeper and more durable than top mounted sinks. Because there is additional polishing involved, there is an additional charge for under mount sink cutouts.

What is a "high-movement" stone?

Different granites have different patterns or veining. Some stones rarely change or repeat consistently in their tight quartz-like appearance, while others have veins that swirl and change irregularly. Since samples cannot give a good overall picture of a high-movement stone, it is wise to see the section prior to fabrication. At Colorado Top Shoppe Inc., we give our customers four different distributors with six different locations to see most every species of stone available. For some, the unique pattern is intriguing and adds to the beauty of the stone. For others the effect can seem somewhat chaotic.

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